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COVID-19 Solutiuons
COVID-19 Solutiuons
COVID-19 Solutions
COVID-19 Solutions

:: C O R O N A V I R U S ::

Wednesday 27th May, 2020.

Dear customer,

As the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions continue to be relaxed across Europe, Kleen-Tex continues to see a different dynamic in our business. Whilst late March and April were very challenging times, we managed to maintain our business activities throughout. I am extremely proud of our teams across Europe, who have all coped exceptionally well with the crisis. As previously communicated our supply chain partners have also performed extremely well and I would like to thank them again for their extraordinary efforts.

With the exception of our UK administrative teams, our teams in Austria and Poland have now returned to the office. Mostly on reduced hours to reflect the lower than normal capacity. Both teams are working in-line with our COVID-19 risk assessments.

The UK team are currently still home working, both at Turtle Mat and Kleen-Tex. However, as the UK starts its own removal of restrictions we are planning a formal return to work in the UK in the next few weeks with a Covid-19 risk assessment approved and implemented.

Our field sales teams across Europe continue to work from their home-based offices, but a number of countries do now permit face-to-face business meetings, albeit with social distancing maintained.

Over the last six weeks we have seen a real change in our business dynamic toward printed mats, often with logos and/or designs associated with social distancing, washing hands, etc. In May, we are now seeing design requests and certifications at pre-COVID 19 levels, which at this time of year is a very different position for Kleen-Tex - and an encouraging one. We continue to see a significant growth in this area, while more traditional business has clearly been hit by the impact on non-essential sectors including hospitality, travel, sport and leisure. We are sure that these customers and their clients will also start to see a gradual return over the next few months.

Due to the significant increase in printed logo mats, we are now back to three shifts in a number of work cells. May has seen a steady and encouraging return to a growing order book and this necessitated the need to return to a stronger manufacturing capacity. However, the operation continues to focus on a FIFO made to order plan and made to stock is currently not planned. This is to protect our liquidity, but also to support our extended supply chain partners as they continue to plan their full recoveries too.

With summer ahead and the likelihood of a gradual return to “normality” I would like to suggest those who have peak demands supply needs in the winter to plan their orders now so we can all ensure an efficient and sustainable level of service during the next 6 months.

The Kleen-Tex management team would also like to thank the various medical and health teams across Europe for their tremendous hard work and professionalism under extraordinary circumstances, we salute you.

Best regards

Gary Haynes
Managing Director

Turtle Mat

Turtle Mat Company Merger

Following the acquisition of The Turtle Mat Company Limited at the end of 2016, we are now delighted to be able announce the legal merger of The Turtle Mat Company into Kleen-Tex Industries Limited. This change will take effect from 30th April 2020.

This step fulfils our fundamental operational goal: building 'One Kleen-Tex', and gives the company much greater opportunities to expand into new business areas and new sales territories.

We are delighted to welcome our colleagues from The Turtle Mat Company to the Kleen-Tex family.

Kleen-Tex provides creative solutions for cleaner, safer, more beautiful spaces and delivers an outstanding customer experience every step of the way.

Whether you need specialist, functional mats for business and industry, Logo mats for promotions at the Point of Sale or as merchandising products, mats for the home and living areas or standard washable mats for the highly frequented entrance area - with Kleen-Tex there are no limits.

Due to our long standing experience as a Global Mat Manufacturer you can be sure of a reliable and competent partner in the Mat Business. Helping you to develop, discover, source, market, sell and service great mat products.

Step into the world of mats. You can expect the widest selection mats to meet vast and diverse customer needs - where quality and functionality is always foremost. And the best part - all our products are "Made in Europe".

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