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Save The Frogs

Save The Frogs

Kleen-Tex proudly sponsor Save The Frogs

Kleen-Tex is a proud sponsor of the world's most effective amphibian conservation organisation; SAVE THE FROGS!

Kleen-Tex has made a corporate donation to SAVE THE FROGS! in honour of our founder, R.W. Howard, Sr. who was known by most as "Frog," or more affectionately as Pappy Frog. From the founding of Kleen-Tex in 1967 until his death in 1994, P. Frog was an integral part of our company's image. Along with his son, Ralph, he shared a vision to make Kleen-Tex a respected, world-class company. So it seems appropriate that as part of our 50th Anniversary Celebration we pay our respect to his memory. This is where SAVE THE FROGS! comes into play.

The mission of SAVE THE FROGS! is to protect and prevent the extinction of amphibian populations. and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. Worldwide frog populations are under threat due to habitat destruction and climate change. Indeed, amphibians are a critical part of our ecosystem controlling larvae and bug populations.

SAVE THE FROGS! are based in California but their efforts span the globe. Since 2008 their staff and volunteers have held over 1,800 educational events in 62 countries to inspire, educate and empower people to protect and care for amphibians. SAVE THE FROGS! has created, restored and protected habitat for threatened amphibian populations; spearheaded successful local, state and federal governmental actions on behalf of amphibians; and otherwise educated millions of people worldwide about amphibians.

As a Corporate Sponsor to SAVE THE FROGS! we can do our part to help spread the word about this important mission.

For more information please hop onto their web site and make a donation to this worthy cause: www.savethefrogs.com.