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Eco Range


It’s everybody’s responsibility to do as much as they can to help save our planet and preserve the environment for generations to come. Wherever possible Kleen-Tex aims to use sustainable materials and improve our production processes to reduce our carbon footprint. We aim to reduce waste and energy consumption and become more efficient in everything we do.

Convert to the Kleen-Tex Eco Mat Range and help us, help our planet.



Made with Renycle™ 50 recycled nylon yarn. EcoAbsob also uses less energy, less water and has less harmful emissions during production compared to standard nylon yarn.



Made from Recycled PET Plastics. 70% of soft drinks are currently packaged in PET plastic bottles, by recycling and converting these into fibers for use in textiles is another great way to reduce landfill and plastic polution.


Super-Mat 2

Our famous Super-Mat has had an Eco-Friendly upgrade and is now made with ECOnyl® regenerated nylon. A step in the right direction towards a sustainable future.

Recycled Nylon

Introducing ECONYL® recycled nylon

Why use recycled nylon?

Our appetite to create and buy new products is infinite, but the planet’s resources are not. This drives our need to have reusable and sustainable materials to meet our demand for new products and a help us manage a better, cleaner, safer environment for ourselves and nature.