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Kleen-Fit Guard Entrance Matting System

Aluminium flooring system for heavy footfall entrances.

G-Guard aluminium entrance system


G-Guard aluminium entrance system

G-Guard Entrance System

G-Guard aluminium entrance system

G-Guard Entrance System

A highly effective heavy footfall Entrance Matting system that protects the flooring of your premises.

Kleen-Fit Guard is made from 90% recycled aluminium, this range of mats has Green Spec accreditation and comes with a 40 year guarantee on the base and a 10 year warranty on the material inserts. The mat offers a unique flooring system that not only removes foot-borne dirt and moisture with remarkable efficiency, but also offers an attractive visual alternative to other products on the market.

Recommend usage:

Shopping centres, shops, schools, banks, offices and public buildings and all areas with heavy foot traffic.

The Kleen-Fit Guard Aluminium Entrance Matting range is constructed using a rigid aluminium base which is stronger than wired products, and uses only the most effective dirt and moisture absorbing fibres available in the market today.

Why choose Kleen-Fit Guard?

  • Huge fabric colour choice
  • Hard wearing
  • Dust, dirt and moisture control
  • Modular size, will fit any area
  • 40 year base guarantee
  • 10 year fabric guarantee
  • Made in Europe

Light resistant  PVC Free  Made in Europe

Technical Information

APPLICATIONS Busy public entrance.
Custom fit to well or recess.

MATERIALS Modular Aluminium grid system.


Selection of sections and materials.



The G-Guard System is modular, all sizes are possible including even the largest of entrances.


Matwell Frames

20 x 20 x 3mm

16 x 16 x 3mm

13 x 13 x 2mm

Aluminium mill finish angle frames.

Frames are supplied pre-cut and drilled ready to fit.


11 mm or 17 mm depth.



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G-Guard is available in a wide range of moisture absorbing fabric strips.

Tretford colourway

The G-Guard entrace system is also available in the Tretford design range, delivering high performance with eco-sensitive fabric in a huge array of colour options. 

G-Guard profile diagram
Fitted Entrance Systems