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Textile Service



The green choice: Made from recycled PET plastics, a sustainable and durable mat.

Iron-Horse - grey Iron-Horse mat at the entrance to stop the dirt from entering the building


The professional way to stop dirt and moisture being tracked into your building.

Iron-Horse XL - grey Iron-Horse XL mat in front of elevators

Iron-Horse XL

Stop dirt and moisture being tracked into your building with even more power!



Individually printed logo mats, for the best first impression to your visitors.

Jet-Print Vision

Jet-Print Vision

Its velvet-like surface offers amazing printing results for your individual logo mat.

Jet-Print Vision Plus - black Jet-Print Vision Plus Mat with white and yellow elements

Jet-Print Vision Plus

Its additional pile weight and shiny surface offers the best print results for logo and advertising mats.

Kleen-Scrape - black Kleen-Scrape Mat with checkerboard pattern in front of the door


100 % rubber, multi-purpose mat - for both inside and outside use.

Kleen-Thru Plus - black Kleen-Thru Plus Mat at the work place

Kleen-Thru Plus

Kleen-Thru Plus is the first commercially launderable rubber mat featuring both anti-fatigue and anti microbial properties.

Kushion-Koil - black Kushion-Koil Mat at the work place


The anti-fatigue mat for work stations where employees stand for long periods.

Monotone - red Monotone-Mat indoors


Bright and vibrant uni-colour mats with excellent functionality.



Dual performance scrape and wipe - heavy duty mat to keep your buildings even cleaner.

Wash-Horse - grey Wash-Horse Mat indoors in the staircase


Ultra absorbent 100% Cotton washable floor mats.